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Positive Parenting Workshops

February 7, 2022

The Positive Parenting Workshops have been running very successfully!! Thanks to everyone that has been participating and supporting!

In our first week, Jag Khosa emphasized the importance of quality time with our children: family dinners, outings, watching movies or playing games.

He also talked about behaviours and influences that we need to be aware of and he equipped us with tools to protect our children from getting involved in gangs and drugs.

The next 2 workshops were covered by Dal Badesha and Devinder Dhaliwal. Parents were split up and we talked about parenting styles, family pressures and systems and healthy relationships.

This week we will continue talking about different home issues, challenges parents face in society and communication within the family and with our kids.

Our workshops have given parents a safe space to come and learn, ask questions and share their own experiences. We encourage all parents to participate and help create a happier future for their kids.

For more information, please contact us via email – or by phone – 604-771-2301.

Daljit Gill-Badesha MA, EdD (Cand)
Devinder Dhaliwal RSW MSW
Gary Thandi RSW MSW
Sgt Jag Khosa

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Moving Forward Families
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Classes are hosted at Royal Academy of Punjabi
Address- Unit – 202 – 12451- 82 Avenue
Surrey, BC @ Royal Academy Of Punjabi

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