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Royal Academy of Punjab Classes are resuming! Please read our COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan

February 7, 2022

Classes are resuming at Royal Academy of Punjabi!

Please read and review our COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan below prior to attending class so that we can keep everyone safe and healthy!


COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan

Safe Physical Distancing: The dance floor has been marked into safe distance zones which are at least 2 metres apart or more. Only one person is permitted per marker and please stay in your marked area.

Hand washing: Please wash your hands or sanitize before your class and after your class. Use the sinks in the washrooms (one person at a time).

Masks: The most recent recommendation from Canada Public Health is to wear a non-medical mask or face covering as an additional layer of protection, even when physical distancing is active at the studio.

We recommend you wear a mask while attending a class if you are comfortable doing so, but do take it off if you experience dizziness or a shortness of breath while wearing it.

Our Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols: We have implemented enhanced antibacterial and antiviral cleaning and sanitizing protocols for all common areas and surfaces, including washrooms, light switches, door handles, etc. This includes increasing the frequency that these items are cleaned (number of times per day) as well as the timing (before and after classes).

If You Feel Unwell: If you are experiencing symptoms such as fever, chills, a cough, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, etc, or if you are in proximity with someone who is ill, please stay home and DO NOT attend classes. This will be strictly enforced.

Class Times: We are staggering our class start times with a break between classes to allow for cleaning and sanitization, as well as to prevent large groups from congregating in the studio during class cross over.

Limited Contact: Staff and students are asked to please refrain from high fives and hugs for the time being.

Travel: If you have recently travelled internationally, please stay home, self-isolate yourself and refrain from attending classes. Also, if you have travelled across different provinces within Canada, it is mandatory to let us know in advance.

Parents: You can help! Please help your children read and understand these guidelines if you decide to send them for their classes at the studio. We have given the full control to our parents to make the decision on whether to send the children to the studio or to continue their classes on ZOOM. We recommend encouraging the students to make safety a priority and learning how to keep themselves safe.

Thank you for your support and for helping Royal Academy of Punjabi stay a safe and healthy place for everyone.

Download and print the PDF version: COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan

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COVID-19 Health & Safety Plan